We have two scholarship opportunities we are bringing to you this season; the Mommy Chi Scholarship and for the first time ever, An Immigrant’s Legacy Scholarship! Please be aware that scholarships are due by October 15th to Brittany Reyes at  


The Mommy Chi Scholarship is a $200 scholarship awarded to one Active Member annually who possesses high academic merit and outstanding commitment to the sorority through unwavering contribution to our mission. The scholarship timeline and application can be found here!


An Immigrant’s Legacy Scholarship is a $250 scholarship for one Soror that is a first generation American on either side of their lineage or both. This scholarship has been created by our Soror Jess “Aasiya” Avila of the NotoriouZ Nu Chapter and is dedicated to Rodrigo & Rebeca Avila and every other parent or grandparent who came to the U.S. to build a better future for their family. Jess has shared how proud she is to be the daughter and granddaughter of immigrants who came here looking for a better life and opportunities and believes that this scholarship is a way that we can continue supporting the beautiful diversity within our Sorority. The scholarship timeline and required materials can be found here


All scholarship applications should be downloaded as a Word Doc or PDF and submitted to Brittany Reyes at All application deadlines are October 15, 2021!

National Board elections are here! Is there someone you think would be an incredible fit for a position on our leadership team? Please nominate them at this link!


Our board application can be found here! The elections timeline with more information can be found here. Position summaries can be found at this link. For more detailed information about our new positions; Director of Cultural Resources and Director of Social Justice you can review this document.


Leadership positions within our organization are important and rewarding in our paths to  continue  growing, thriving, and flourishing. You can serve as a member actively working to help our organization be radiant and ignite change. If you know a Z-Chi who you think would make a great addition to the National Board, please encourage them to apply! Applications are due by October 25th. If you have any questions about the positions or process to run, please let us know!


Make an impact. Tap into your inner leader. Be a part of the change we want to make across our organization. Join National Board!


2021 National Direct Aid + Mommy Chi Scholarship

Congratulations to our 2021 Mommy Chi Scholarship recipient Soror Pa Kou Vang from Tau Chapter (UWM). 

Also a huge shoutout to our seven direct aid recipients. 

Thank you to Sorors Jess Avila and Marissa Gallaway for making the direct aid possible. 

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