Anti Hazing Policy

Zeta Sigma Chi is a non-hazing organization that believes in treating members and prospective members with respect and dignity. Take a look at our anti-hazing policy to learn more about Zeta Sigma Chi’s stance against hazing. Zeta Sigma Chi Anti Hazing Policy

  1. All acts of hazing or harassment, both physical and mental, shall be expressly prohibited.
  2. A woman will not be subject to any act of hazing or harassment in connection with or during her initiation into membership in the Sorority.
  3. The Sorority does not consent to, condone, acquiesce in or tolerate any act of hazing, harassment or humiliation in the Membership Intake Program’ nor will the Sorority be responsible or liable for any damages, claims or actions based upon the conduct of any individuals, groups or associations purporting to perform any acts in the name of the Sorority or purported to be in any way connected with initiation into membership in the Sorority. All of our membership, both active and associate members are required to affirm in writing that they understand, abide by, and ensure that members of our respective chapters abide by the above policy. For any violation, the Zeta Sigma Chi National Board, as well as the chapter’s educational institution, after appropriate investigation and process, may impose sanctions up to and including suspension or non-recognition of members and/or the chapter as a whole.