The Omega Chapter

The Omega Chapter of Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. was reserved June 26, 2021 for sisters who have passed on from this world. Sisterhood is eternal and we reserve this chapter to forever honor their contributions to our sorority and the world.

Radiance is forever. 

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Soror Courtney Croslin

March 20, 1990 - June 26, 2021

Courtney was a leader throughout our entire organization, and her legacy will forever be remembered. She had an incredibly dynamic way of moving in her power and radiance, and served as an endless source of inspiration for every individual who had the opportunity to connect with her. Courtney’s heart was simply unmatched in the ways she showed up in this lifetime, and this will endure on throughout time. We firmly believe that Courtney embodied everything that makes a Radiant Lady, in the very essence of her being.

CalitZa Thalia | #3 | VainGloriouZ ΣXtraVIIgance | Omicron Chapter | Winter 2010

Soror Alicia Curtis

October 1, 1985 - August 20, 2021

Alicia was a founder of our Iota Chapter, at Shippensburg University, and light within our sisterhood to many. She is someone whose legacy will continue to ring throughout our organization and far into the future in terms of her fierce determination, connection to others, and ability to be a source of unwavering support to so many around her. We will have more information soon about the ways in which we plan to elevate her legacy and hold space with one another to remember her power, together.


FOUNDER | #5 | eminence | Iota Chapter | Spring 2005