Info For Families

So your daughter, sister or friend is looking into becoming a member of Zeta Sigma Chi… and you have questions!  Fear not, and take a look at the valuable info below:

Q: Is membership expensive?

A: There is a cost of membership to be in a sorority, as there is with most clubs and organizations that people join. However, it is not prohibitive. In fact, most girls are able to fundraise most or all of their dues. Additionally, our members receive numerous benefits (including academic support, scholarship opportunities, leadership development, community service activities and more) that vastly outweigh the costs.

Q:  Will my daughter’s membership in ZSC effect our family?

A: Membership in ZSC is an experience not only for your daughter, but also for those around her. As her family and friends, you will get the chance to see your loved one grow and develop through her ZSC experiences, as well as be invited to participate in some sorority fun yourself!

Q: All I see on TV about sororities is drinking and partying – I don’t want my daughter involved in that!

A: Television and movies typically don’t depict the real experiences that sorority women have while in college. When Hollywood portrays sorority women as ditzy, judgmental characters who are only about partying and shopping, it is only showing a negative stereotype.  Members of Greek life have been shown time and time again to be some of the most productive members of society!

Q: Will my daughter be hazed?

A: Zeta Sigma Chi is a non-hazing organization, and each chapter takes the issue of hazing very seriously. Our organization is designed to help members feel comfortable and grow throughout their lives. New-member education programs are in place to provide information on sorority life, history and traditions. Hazing has no part in this educational process and both members and associate members both sign documents agreeing not to haze or be hazed.

National Greek Life Statistics

  • Over 800 campuses in the United States and Canada participate in Greek Life
  • There are over 9 million Greek members nationally
  • In the past five years, more than 100 colleges and universities have opened their doors for the first time to fraternities.
  • 71% of those listed in “Who’s Who in America” belong to a fraternity.
  • Of the nation’s 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by fraternity men.
  • 85% of the Fortune 500 executives belong to a fraternity.
  • 40 of 47 U.S. Supreme Court Justices since 1910 were fraternity men.
  • 76% of all Congressmen and Senators belong to a fraternity.
  • Every U.S. President except eight born since the first social fraternity was founded in 1825 have been members of a fraternity.
  • 63% of the U.S. President’s Cabinet members since 1900 have been Greek.
  • A U.S. Government study shows that over 70% of all those who join a fraternity/sorority graduate, while under 50% of all non-fraternity/sorority persons graduate.
  • Less than 2% of an average college student’s expenses go toward fraternity dues. (U.S. Office of Education)
  • Over 85% of the student leaders on some 730 campuses are involved in the Greek community.
  • Largest and Most Visible Values-Based Organizations on Campus
  • Most Successful Leadership Development Program for College Students
  • Largest Network of Volunteers in the US
  • 10 Million hours of volunteer service annually
  • A National Conference report shows a high percentage of the 4,000 NIC fraternity chapters are above the All-Men’s scholastic average on their respective campuses.
  • The first Female Senator was Greek
  • The first Female Astronaut was Greek
  • All of the Apollo 11 Astronauts are Greek
  • Over $7 million is raised each year by Greeks nationally
  • 850,000 hours are volunteered by greeks annually
  • The Greek system is the largest network of volunteers in the US, with members donating over 10 million hours of volunteer service each year
  • 71% of those listed in “Who’s Who in America” belong to a fraternity
  • There are 123 fraternities and sororities with 9 million members total
  • There are 750,000 undergraduate members in 12,000 chapters on more than 800 campuses in the USA and Canada


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