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Statement - November 20, 2021
Posted by Gabby Miller on November 20, 2021

November 20, 2021


TW: Police brutality, mass incarceration, violence, death penalty, white supremacy 


Dear Powerhouses,


Yesterday we learned of the Rittenhouse verdict. This verdict is disheartening, disgusting, and maddening and is a reflection of the system working as it has been intended to function: to serve white people and uphold white supremacy in our laws. We are also seeing firsthand in this case’s result the reality that systemic racism is very much alive. 


The day before this verdict, that we learned about Julius Jones' execution in Oklahoma being halted four hours before him being scheduled to receive a lethal injection. Julius Jones still had to face severe levels of cruelty, with him being forced to undergo the rituals of execution. Since the halting of this execution, he has been sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole. Julius Jones has maintained his innocence throughout his case. Let us be clear: what shifted this execution was the power of people coming through to organize and elevate his voice. We need to also be clear that this result is just one step in the right direction though it is not by any means satisfactory, and continued work is still left to be done.


We elevate the following ways to get involved in these issues:

  • Donate to Julius Jones campaign here, which is fighting his current case.

  • If you are unfamiliar with Julius Jones and his case, learn more here including a docu-series by Viola Davis, a podcast diving into his innocence and other sources of knowledge.  

  • How will you talk about the Rittenhouse verdict with those around you? Your language is important and how you discuss this case//the outcome with those around you can make an impact. It also shows your lifelong commitment to unlearning and challenging systems of oppression in our country. 

  • Many protests are happening around the country as we speak. When in movement please remember to keep the following tips in mind:. 


  • In the midst of these moments of involvement, please also prioritize your care and rest. We uplift @TheNapMinistry created by Tricia Hersey who views rest as a form of resistance. We offer a quote by her which speaks to the power of this notion:

    •  “I think seeing that in this culture in this culture where Black bodies are looked at as a problem, where Black bodies are looked at as something shameful, something that wants and needs to be ended and the violence of trauma that’s happened to our bodies, to see us in a rest state, to see us relaxing and laying back is really, really powerful.” (Prism, 2020)


With love, gratitude and connection,

National Board


Virtual Memorial - Courtney Croslin Saturday July 10, 2021
Posted by Gabby Miller on July 8, 2021

Please join us this Saturday at 10 AM PST/12 PM CST/1 PM EST for a Virtual Memorial to honor our beloved soror Courtney Croslin.


This space will provide an opportunity to elevate the legacy of Courtney and spend time in community together. We will have an open space for folks who would like to share any memories, love, or acknowledgments that they would like to offer - both verbally or through writing depending on your comfort.


Additionally, on Saturday we will recognize and acknowledge the opening of our Omega Chapter within this organization. You can join this event on zoom here.


Meeting ID: 846 5576 0217 Passcode: 517707


If you have any photos of Courtney you would like included in a presentation we have created, you can send them directly to President@zetasigmachi.com.



If unable to attend this event, but you are in a space of being able to financially give, you can contribute directly to her GoFundMe at this link.




Courtney Croslin - Omicron Chapter
Posted by Gabby Miller on June 26, 2021

As Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Incorporated, we express our deepest sympathies over the passing of our soror, Courtney Croslin. Courtney was a leader throughout our entire organization, and her legacy will forever be remembered. She had an incredibly dynamic way of moving in her power and radiance, and served as an endless source of inspiration for every individual who had the opportunity to connect with her. Courtney’s heart was simply unmatched in the ways she showed up in this lifetime, and this will endure on throughout time. We firmly believe that Courtney embodied everything that makes a Radiant Lady, in the very essence of her being. We will have more information coming soon about the ways we will be honoring her legacy and offering support to her loved ones.


Her Peach & Black flame will shine eternally in our hearts.


<3 CalitZa Thalia, VainGloriouZ ΣXtraVIIgance, Omicron Chapter <3



Virtual National Summit 2021
Posted by Gabby Miller on March 3, 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we have made the decision to cancel our National Summit for this year.

This decision comes post dialogue with hotels in Los Angeles, National Board and our Summit planning committee and heavy monitoring regarding health and wellness Nationally. As it stands, hosting an event of this nature is simply not a possibility due to the nature of where legally protocols stand around events of this size. Hotels throughout Los Angeles feel strongly this will not be shifting anytime soon and advised we move to schedule for much farther in the future. We also believe for the continued protection of our membership this decision is the most responsible way to move.

Thank you for joining us for VIRTUAL 30! - Virtual Founders' Week 2021 - 

We hope you had a great time reconnecting and learning. See you soon!

Posted by Gabrielle Miller on June 19, 2020