Who we are - Zeta Sigma Chi


Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. is a national sisterhood that aspires to create true, lifelong friendships among women of diverse heritages while upholding the values of our 8 founding mothers.


In 1990, eight women came together at Northern Illinois University to form a bond like no other. Zeta Sigma Chi’s founders – known today as “Mommy Chis” — sought to build a successful sisterhood that would unify women of different cultures, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds while helping members to achieve success through higher education. By bringing together strong women in sisterhood, our Founders also worked to educate the community at large about the ideals of multiculturalism while building friendships that would last a lifetime. On March 3, 1991, Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. was founded by 8 Radiant Ladies: 

  • Maribel Campa
  • Zandra Cortez
  • Sandra de la Roca
  • Veronica Escobar
  • Sandra Gomez
  • Jacqueline Herrera
  • Laura Murillo
  • Julie Sanders

Today, Zeta Sigma Chi continues the proud legacy that was initiated by our illustrious founders. Our organization is rapidly expanding nationwide, and our sisterhood is strengthened by a growing number of members who seek to build a TRUE sisterhood with open-minded women who are diverse in immeasurable ways. We continue to educate our communities through programs and events that celebrate diverse backgrounds and ideas.  We strive at all times to uplift our world at large by participating in social justice issues that affect the lives of people around the globe. As our world grows more diverse, so will Zeta Sigma Chi. We invite ALL women to seek membership with our organization, as we shall seek ALL women to maintain the dream of our founders: The dream of spreading multiculturalism and sisterhood around the world.

Our principles are:

Our principles are Education, Success, Culture, Service and Sisterhood.  Our organization embodies these principles in a number of ways.


Zeta Sigma Chi is based on enduring friendships that are fostered between our members. Together as one, our sisters are able to develop a deep understanding of diverse cultures while building bonds that last a lifetime.


Our organization has been built by open-minded women who seek to learn about other cultures while teaching others about their own heritage. We believe multiculturalism is a philosophy that extends beyond race, ethnicity, or nationality, and that all women can contribute to, and learn from, the array of backgrounds within Zeta Sigma Chi.

Success in Education

Zeta Sigma Chi strives for academic success and high graduation rates among our members, who go on to excel in professions in a wide range of fields. Our sisterhood includes doctors, lawyers, television producers, authors, educators and many more women who are thriving in their careers – all of whom are able to provide guidance to our undergraduate and graduate members as they pursue their education.

Community Service 

Zeta Sigma Chi seeks to uplift the communities and universities where our chapters reside, as well as around the world. Whether volunteering with local Ronald McDonald House Charities, or founding Building Botswana, a charity whose mission is to partner with local natives in rural Botswana to build hope for poverty-stricken communities, our sisters believe in making the world a better place.

Social Justice 

As part of our commitment to community service, our members are actively encouraged to participate in domestic and international social justice causes. We believe activism is crucial in allowing our members to express their diverse ideas, as well as to improve the lives of people both inside and outside our organization. Our belief in this principle is reflected in our annual “Keeping the Dream Alive” Award, presented to sisters who pursue social justice issues with passion and dedication.

As Zeta Sigma Chi works to empower women and diverse communities, our sisterhood holds a commitment to social justice and activist causes near our chapters and around the world. You can find Zeta Sigma Chi members marching to have their university observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, attending Occupy Wall Street protests, helping to build schools for children in Botswana, working in various capacities for immigrants’ rights, and participating in a variety of other humanitarian efforts. We believe the collective voice of our sisters can be used as a powerful tool to help uplift and progress our society.


Zeta Sigma Chi participates in philanthropic activities on a local and national basis. Our chapters consistently provide time  to and donations for charities in their respective communities. Additionally, Zeta Sigma Chi supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) on a national basis.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities

The idea behind Ronald McDonald House is simple: provide a “home-away-from-home” for families of seriously ill children who are receiving treatment at nearby hospitals.

Some children need to travel great distances to get the medical attention they need. In-hospital treatment may last one day, one year, or even longer. For the families of these children, accommodations can be hard to come by; options are often limited to costly hotels or unforgiving hospital chairs and benches.

The Ronald McDonald house provides a comfortable, supportive alternative for these families. It serves as a temporary residence near the medical facility where family members can sleep, eat, relax and find support from other families in similar situations. In return families are asked to make donations ranging from $5 to $20 per day; if that isn’t possible, their stay is free.

“A Home-Away-From-Home”


National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME)

The founders of NAME envisioned an organization that would bring together individuals and groups with an interest in multicultural education from all levels of education, different academic disciplines, and from diverse educational institutions and occupations. NAME today is an active, growing organization, with members from throughout the United States and several other countries. Educators from pre-school through higher education and representatives from businesses and communities comprise NAME’s membership. Members in 22 states have formed NAME chapters, and more chapters are currently being organized.

The achievement of NAME’s goals and objectives is supported by funds from membership, conference registration fees, and the volunteer work of members. As the organization’s membership increased, NAME was incorporated as a nonprofit organization, developed a publication on multicultural education, and established a national office. NAME continues to host national and international conferences and provides leadership in national and state dialogues on equity, diversity and multicultural education.



  • Letters: ZΣX (Zeta Sigma Chi)
  • Nickname: Z-Chis (Pronounced “Zeek-eyes”)
  • Colors: Peach and Black
  • Symbol: Unicorn Motto: “Keeping the Dream Alive”
  • Flower: Peach Rose